Topic of mutual funds cource

Hello friends, today’s blog will be educational and related to your finances. I want to educate you in my blog about mutual funds. What are mutual funds? how are they invested? All the information you need to know will be available on this cource.

Objective of the cource

To introduce the course “Mutual Funds”

Key Learnings from the Course

This course teaches you how to make money from mutual funds. This will help you in achieving your financial goals.

1. Topic of mutual Funds Course

What are mutual funds?

Ways of investment

  • SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
  • STP (Systematic Transfer Plan)
  • Lump sum investment

Mutual funds details

  • Direct plans
  • Regular plans
  • Direct plans v/s regular plans
  • Growth & dividend options

Fund choosing factors

  • Goal
  • Risk
  • Age
  • Plan

Categories of mutual funds

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Hybrid

Types of equity funds

  • Large-cap
  • Mid cap
  • Small cap
  • Sectoral funds
  • ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme)

Types of debt funds

  • Liquid funds
  • Ultra short-term funds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Credit risk funds
  • FMPS(Fixed Maturity Plans)

Types of Hybrid Funds

How to choose the perfect fund?

  • Advisor
  • Robo- advisor
  • Self-research

Mutual fund taxation

  • STGC(Short-term Capital Gain)
  • LTCG (Long-term Capital Gain)
  • Tax saving funds
  • Benefits of tax saving funds

Comparison with other investment instruments

  • Mutual funds v/s PPF (Public Provident Fund)
  • Mutual funds v/s market
  • Mutual funds v/s FD (Fixed Deposit)
  • Mutual funds v/s ETF(Exchange Traded Fund)

Invest in mutual funds

  • Age group
  • NRIS
  • Choosing a nominee
  • Procedure after the death of the investor

Mutual funds facilities

  • Insurance
  • Loan against mutual funds
  • SIP pausing policy

Mistakes to be avoided while investing in mutual funds

Key Outcomes of the Cource

  • Do self-research before investing in mutual funds
  • Diversify your investment in different types of mutual funds
  • Take the help of an advisor before investing in mutual funds
  • Compare mutual funds with other investment instruments before investing

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