13 Data Entry Jobs Where You Can Work From Home

  Best Data Entry Jobs


It’s been more than 5 years, I am making money with data entry jobs and in the situation of COVID-19 pandemic data entry jobs really gives income on sitting home.

Now I am telling you  10 legit ways of data entry where you will get a chance to make money online.

Data entry jobs are the easiest way to make money online with zero investment. various sites offer job for data entry work. If you have knowledge of data entry work then you should try.

on the basis of your knowledge and ability to do work, you can easily charge $12 per hour

What is data entry jobs

Data entry is defined to fill the numeric, alphabetic, or symbolic information in types of equipment like a computer, and the person who does this job call as a data operator.

There is a lot of scopes in data entry online work. Lots of companies offer you a great opportunity to make some extra income by doing data entry work.

Top websites where you can find and get data entry jobs.

13 Best Data Entry Jobs

  1. Electronic Data Processor
  2. Transcriptions
  3. Typists
  4. Word processors
  5. Coding
  6. Web Scrapping
  7. Product Listing
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Copy Paste Work
  10. Accounting
  11. Email Processing
  12. Ads Posting
  13. Content writing

let’s know deeply,

1.EDP(electronic data processor) →

The meaning of EDP is hidden in its own name.EDP means the process of transfer of electronic data. With the help of devices like computers.EDP includes work of data storage, transfer data one device to another, or one file to another file including work of manipulating a computer, summarise, and classification of the data.

If you are from India then On Indeed and shine you will get multiple offers of typing.

Fresherslive hires EDP Assistant from The United States.


2. Transcription→ EDP Assistant from United State

A person who does the job of transcription known as a transcriptionist,.work of transcriptionists is converting speech or sound in written or electronic text documents. For this, you have to good knowledge of respective languages.

AccuTran Global hires transcriptionists. they pay you per word and gives very exciting offers for difficult tasks. Even if you are a beginner, simple tasks are available on site. They hire workers in the United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada.


Typists should have knowledge of computers and typewriters. He must be  good in typing of both computer as well as typewriter

The recommended typing speed should be at least 40 WPM.

Freelancer and Upwork sites provide lots of typing work. You can charge on the basis of your level.

4.Word processors→

Word processors do the work like data inputting, editing, formatting, and summarize the text in computers. In many companies

Indeed Freelancer and Upwork are the best sites to search word processors job.with this job you can easily make $20 per hour.


Simply coding is communicating with computers for giving instructions to the computers on what actions to perform. There is a great opportunity in coding at the present time. To making websites, making apps and games and other technologies coding is used.

6.Web scrapping→

Web scrapping means a division of a larger amount of data from websites to the local files in computers. sites like Freelancer, Peopleperhour, and Upwork gives you a lot of projects.DATA ENTRY JOBES

with this image, you can imagine how much money you  will make if you are good in web scraping

7.Product listing→

It is very easy to work. In which you have to import products and upload on various marketplaces or many websites especially e-commerce or in online stores. sites like Upwork give you the best chance to make money.DATA ENTRY JOBES


8.Virtual Assistant→

A virtual assistant is self-dependent and self-employed provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients. He has the authority to do work from home or from outside of the client office.

There is a very high demand for virtual assistants on many freelancers sites.

You can easily make $20 per hour for this job.

9.Copy Paste Work→

Copy-paste is very simple work.

You have to just copy data from one file to paste on another file as well as one excels sheet to another excel sheet. This is a simple job you can do it from anywhere, anytime.


You guys all know about accounting. On many websites, there is a lot of projects which are related to accounting. Many people making money with accounting jobs you have to just grab it.

DATA ENTRY JOBESwith accounting, in this way you can also make $20 per hour.

Customized Data Entry Jobs

→This type of  jobs  wanted by the company in very specific requirements

11.Email Processing→

This is a simple work of sending emails to many websites. you will get multiple emails on your inbox on a daily basis, your work is just reading those emails and work on that by given instructions.

some companies give you a format of email and list of many websites or email addresses, and you have to just send emails on those websites or email addresses

12.Ads Posting→

The company gives you the task of posting ads on many websites, forums, blogs&social media pages, groups, etc. The company provides you ads and you have to just post them with given instructions.

It will easy to complete the task by a given company if you are highly active on social media or you have strong contact with bloggers, forums, social media influencers, etc.

The company will pay you per ads or pay per projects

13.Content writing→

Content writing has a very high demand for many freelancing sites. If you are good at writing and you are excellent to write some exceptional blogs in any category then this job is for you. With the efficiency in writing, you will earn more than your expectation.

Lots of bloggers, companies hire people to write content for them. It is a great opportunity to make money online.

Approximately, For per 1000 words, web content writers earn $40 – $50.


So guys this is the 13 data entry jobs you need to really work on it. At start may you feel it hard but do work with passion and interest you will enjoy it and start makes money easily. In the beginning, may you earn little but once you earn experience you will earn high.


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